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    Paperless Homework Sdn Bhd
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    AGECityConnect Indexed Browser
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    Basic charge minimum RM500/year for indexed hits up to certain number
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In the world, a great deal has changed especially the speed and the range of equipments now connected to Internet. One issue that has not changed until today is the way we access the web pages which is through ICANN based web addresses e.g agepaperless.com or whatreallyhappened.com.

The names are difficult to remember for most addresses nowadays.It was the major cause of the DotCom crash when siteowners ran out of cash to advertise their site names few can remember. The common ones like “computers.com” have all been taken and not available to others both locally and globally as one registration covers the globe.

Our AGECityConnect, we expect will change the way people browse the Internet using very easy to remember AGECityConnect Multi Indexed/Languages Browser.

Now users can key in any name e.g

The Star for www.thestar.com.my
The Sun for www.thesundaily.com.my
  for www.Samsung.com.my
中国报 for www.chinapress.com.my
الترجمة العربية  for   www.arabic-keyboard.org/translate/
matrade for http://www.matrade.gov.my/

Or   using acronyms

wrh for www.hatreallyhappended.com

Mk  for www.malaysiakini.com

Users key in the web address box e.g. Samsung.com.my or AGECityConnect’s Indexed names e.g 三星 or just SamSung (without .com.my). This can be done directly at the browser’s address box or from the browser’s companion toolbar see screenshot 5 where the user keyed in “Windows Azure”.

The Indexed names can be used for all browsers in the market today. Hence users will not be troubled to having to use AGECityConnect browser. They can use only the Indexed address box.

The service we provide is our cloud based multi languages indexed names to  owners of websites globally. Take for example, in Korea, few know English, and would find it difficult to type English web addresses instead of Korean. We provide Korean indexed names to reach the web site. Hence for companies like SamSung, it would be more prudent to get and promote a Korean Samsung Name  “三星”which incidentally is also the same for Chinese’s Samsung’s name.)

Now with AGECityConnect, non English speaking Koreans, can easily find Samsung, just by typing “三星” at the browser’s address bar.

This names for example can be provided to Exabytes’large merchants

easy.my customers base as with easy to remember names, more customers will be forthcoming and thus generates the traffic desired. As it is, it is a challenge to get normal public to remember say paperlesshomework.easy.my rather than “Paperless Homework” to access the same site.


How we promote our AGECityConnect browsers globally.

In order to promote global use of our free browser, we are giving all free Browser users our e-learning packages fully accessible subscriptions for additional Mathematics, English , Instant Home library of 400 e-books, PMR and UPSR English /Maths, Singapore Maths, Chinese Mandarin etc.
So besides the powerful features of the browser which many would have to use anyway which we expect to go viral, we are giving our e-learning packages globally for free.

Free Indexed Names for all online news, churches, Mosques, Temples, Major associations too so that their members can easily locate their sites. This would generate the first users base we need to popularize our AGECityConnect browser (which by itself should go viral).

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