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Instapps, a DIY toolset for businesses to create full-functioning Facebook shopping cart for Facebook Pages.

Instapps is rated “The Easiest Way to sell on Facebook” by our some 900+ users from all around the world, it solves three (3) major problems faced by most online (Facebook mainly) sellers, please read on.

#1 Order Management – Still receiving orders via PM, comments, WeChat, Whatsapp, etc.? Get a life. Instapps allows your customers to browse, select, checkout and even pay in your Instapps Facebook store without bothering you. Just login to your Control Panel to check your orders at the end of the day, or check on-the-go with Instapps Mobile Console (iOS & Android) or via emails.

#2 Inventory Management – Manual inventory tracking is passé, and super troublesome. Drop the stock books or excel sheets, let Instapps manage for you. Add a product, insert quantity and other info then you’re done. Instapps stops an item when it is out-of-stock. Restock anytime or adjust quantity whenever you replenish.

#3 Payment Management – Your customers probably prefer to pay you via online transfer or bank-in; and you probably won’t want to be charged for yearly fees, transaction fees and withdrawal charges by payment gateways. Use our manual payment and you’ll thank us for saving you from messy manual payment tracking. (More about Instapps Manual Payment: http://bit.ly/manualpay)

We’ve been adding new features based on feedbacks we collected from sellers like you. Write to us if you have questions, suggestions or just drop email to say hi. Email us at info@instapps.com.

Instapps Mobile Console allows users to add/edit/delete products, and manage orders on-the-go with their smartphones (iOS:http://bit.ly/InstiOS | Android: http://bit.ly/InstAndrd).

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