Digital Publishing

  • Company name:
    Terato Tech Sdn Bhd
  • Software name:
  • Category:
    Digital Publishing
  • Package Price:
    RM 300/per month for an application
  • Version:
  • Hosted Model:

Aiyo is a publishing engine where users only need to submit a PDF as a base to the cloud.Various interactivity options to customize and enrich your contents are available via the editing tools.


Aiyo also allows you to easily share your work through your social network, so that everyone will b able to enjoy your content just like you would a normal magazine, only richer and more in-depth.

Aiyo can be accessed from your iPad or the web, and syncs to the cloud for your editing convenience. Each account can be used for multiple apps, and additional collaborators can be added for optimum cloud-based collaboration with full-featured WYSIWYG editing tools for all collaborators.


With Aiyo, you spend less time on making your app go live pending Apple’s content approval, and Aiyo’s hassle-free payment plan ensures you get to focus more on developing your content than to spend time working out on a payment scheme.

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