Human Resource Management

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    EMPLX Human Resource Management System
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    Human Resource Management
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    As low as RM2.50/headcount/month depending on the package
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EMPLX HRM System is a full Human Resource Cloud based system which focuses on cost-effective workforce management work flows. It aims to empower your HR department to actively support your organisation’s objectives by automating and improving HR efficiency. With EMPLX handling the technical complexities and operational hassles, it frees up your HR professionals to focus on strategic decisions and mission critical programs to retain rising stars, develop core performers, increase productivity and deliver value to your core business.

  • Security of EMPLX HRM System is compliance to ISO 15408 Level 2 requirements.
  • Zero initial investment in hardware and software for customers who subscribe to EMPLX HRMS.
  • Pay-per-use subscription base model provide customers with a variable cost opportunity.
  • Real time information on your fingertip from anywhere in the world at anytime of the day.
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